Solar Roof Installation

RoofTek is a national leader in planning, engineering, and installing utility grade solar roofing systems. We carry dozens of the top rated brands in the industry where other solar companies only carry one or two. Get your solar installed by the experts at RoofTek. 

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RoofTek is a national leader in planning, engineering, and installing utility grade solar roofing systems. We are a trusted solar provider with hundreds of 5-star reviews on Google, HomeAdvisor, Facebook, Thumbtack, Angie’s List and more. RoofTek takes the complexity out of solar with straightforward evaluations to help you determine if solar is right for you, how much you really need and all the federal and state tax credits.
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Believe it or not, there’s a big difference between RoofTek and other solar providers. Once you see the contrast, the decision is clear that RoofTek is the right choice for you.


Traditional solar companies come and go because they are dependent on the solar federal tax credit to stay in business. RoofTek is more than just a solar company, but your one-stop shop for all your roofing needs. In addition to solar, we’re experts in roofing repair/replacement, gutters, soffit and fascia and more. The strength of RoofTek can foresee a longer period of business versus the solar companies out there dependent on an extension of the solar ITC tax credit to survive.

One Company: One Voice

When you use RoofTek for your roof and solar, you’ll get one invoice that includes both the roof and solar cost. One invoice will help you get a larger tax credit on your roof and solar project and in the event of issues, it removes the headache of the blame game between the roofer and solar installer.


We are certified solar installers with several of the largest and best manufacturers in the world and the first roofing company in Utah to provide both traditional roofing and solar energy systems together. With RoofTek, you not only get expertise and experience, but also excellence throughout the process.


As soon as a solar company installs solar on your roof, your warranty may be voided by the roofing manufacturer. By using RoofTek to install your roof and solar, you maintain the warranty on both. We’re also not a fly by night company that will be gone once your system is installed. RoofTek is always available for large or small questions or issues.

One Company: One Voice

Many solar providers offer only one brand of solar panels with just a few choices. RoofTek selects the best solar panel companies in the industry based on their quality, warranty and credibility. Plus, our panels are often smaller than the competition so they’re also better looking and more efficient. So while cheaper solar panels can reduce the overall cost of solar, they do require more equipment as well as more space on your roof.